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Acekard 2i: Offers Terrific Features

Acekard 2i card coming from the Acekard team surely offers you lots of remarkable features. It is one of those few flash cards which permit you towards upgrading core firmware.

Currently it can support the Nintendo 3DS console much to the delight of users with the latest software update to provide more choices. If you are eager to get top quality then this is really a worthy option in front of you.

With the arrival of Nintendo 3DS in the market we have seen an incredible change in the trend. The Acekard adapter displays its magic veil with the R4 card series towards giving way to terrific developments in the field of flash cartridge technology.

You should note that the card also acts fully perfect towards backward compatibility as well. It works superbly with Nintendo DSi or DSi XL or Nintendo DS Lite having Nintendo DSi Firmware V1.4.3, V1.4.2 to add to its value. Customers find it very easy and convenient to operate with.

The Acekard2i holds the distinction of being the 1st DSi compatible flash card to come up in the world. This outstanding product has left the customers wonder with amazement. The Acekard 2i having AKAIO operating system gives distinctive features which you will not be able to find usually on other carts like Wi-Fi updates for cheat database, Wi-Fi plugin and loaders, Wii connectivity and Homebrew soft-reset.

Like other flash card there are many ways to benefit from the Acekard 2i. You can enjoy its exceptional features to play music, watch movies, read e-books, browse pictures, and a lot more. It is interesting to note that the Acekard 2i has the same size like the original cart. You don't need to flash machine for using it.

However, you require inserting the MicroSD card with OSMenu for using the Passme function. The Acekard 2i is known to write directly for saving file on the MicroSD card. After that you can boot the slot2 flash cards using it. There is no need for manually selecting save or types or battery. As a result, you would never lose the saved data. Moreover, Acekard 2i is also known to inherit the top quality coming in Acekard's products.

The user can simply drag as well as drop the software on the Micro SD card for running. You can enhance your enjoyment while playing game through many ways. Acekard makes use of the best technology to ensure the playing speed remains the same like the original without any kind of lag. This is what customers look for.

The built- in function of Trimming makes your experience with Acekard 2i even more delightful. You can automatically trim any kind of un-necessary data there in a file you download to the Micro SD card.

You can make use of copy, paste as well as delete at file in the Micro SD card. It supports the SDHC card as well and as a result you get virtually unlimited amount of storage size.

You can also go for Supercard DSTWO which is a new 3DS and DSi compatible offering coming from the popular Supercard team. It is an intensely focused card towards the newer handheld consoles from Nintendo.

It is very solidly built, and comes in a remarkable similar to velvet lining box to add to its attraction. Besides this there is R4i Gold 3DS known for its remarkable features. You can always trust it for the top quality and immense benefits.

The article focuses on the superb features and popularity of the Acekard 2i. The different aspects such as compatibility, benefits, trimming etc. are covered in detail.


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