All You Need to Know About R4 Cards

All You Need to Know About R4 Cards

R4 cards are accumulator accessories for assorted models of the Nintendo DS gaming console. These accessories are acclimated for autumn your abstracts like games, music,reading e-books, images, videos, etc, and to download bartering games, as R4Nintendo and added models are not awash with a rewritable accumulator medium.These accumulator accessories are absorbed to your nintendo gaming console, and in these accumulator accessories you admit a Micro SD agenda in the Slot2 provided at their backs. You can save all your abstracts in these Micro SD cards, which you wish to play on your nintendo DS.These cards not alone acquiesce you to save and abundance all your ball abstracts but accept aswell opened upa window abounding of several possibilities like downloading added games, music, e-books, movies, videos, etc. There are two types of these accumulator devices:Older accessories which could be affiliated to your nintendo ds by applicable them into the SLOT2. These slots are aswell alleged the First Generation accessories as they were cheaper due to their use with the Game Boy Advance homebrew.

Newer accumulator devices, like r4 nintendo ds cards, that are amid in the Slot2 at the aback of your gaming device. These latest accumulator accessories accept a aperture at their aback for a micro Sd agenda to be adapted there.These slots crave booting accoutrement and these are not accordant with Game Boy Advance homebrew. These slots are aswell alleged the Second Generation. Due to their access in use and simple availability, even these accessories are acceptable inexpensive, user affable and simple to use. Into the Micro SD agenda you can abundance all the games, applications, MP3s, movies, etc and all the data, which you wish central your R4 Card.These cards are of the aforementioned admeasurement as the accepted Nintendo DS catridges.when you will cossack up your R4 Nintendo DS, you will see a agenda on your r4 card. This agenda allows the user to accept the application, like amateur or multimedia they wish to play from the account of these applications in theg menu. After booting up you can aswell play homebrew amateur or the advancement games, accurately endemic by you, or MP3s, movies and the account goes on.

R4 Nintendo DS Accessories:When you accept your delivery, you get few air-conditioned accessories, or say goodies, with these cards. These aliment not alone makes your gaming animate looks air-conditioned and happening, but are aswell actual applied in use and handy.Firstly there is an accession CD, that contains the all-important set-ups to be loaded on the Micro SD card. You aswell get a Micro SD agenda clairvoyant with it. A atramentous artificial carapace or your nintendo DS r4 card, which you can bout with the awning of your r4 nintendo. Aswell included is a key alternation catridge, which comes accessible while walking and playing.

Which cards can support Nintendo V5.0.0-11 firmware?

Nintendo release their new firmware V5.0.0-11 which block some of the R4 card, by tested all the main R4 cards in the market, we found that most R4 card have been support the latest 3DS V5.0.0-11 firmware, the first one is R4i gold 3DS from
Following are the cards which support 3ds V5.0.0-11:

  1. R4i Gold 3DS card and R4i Gold RTS card from
  2. Supercard DStwo card from
  3. M3i Zero card from
  4. R4i SDHC 3DS card and R4i SDHC 3DS RTS card from
  5. R4i Gold Plus card from
  6. R4isdhc Dual Core card and R4isdhc 3DS RTS card from
  7. R4iTT RTS card from
  8. R4i-Gold Pro card from

How to Upgrade R4i SDHC card for 3DS V5.0.0-11

To hack 3DS V5.0.0 system, you need to upgrade the r4i sdhc card with a DS. Firstly, you need to download and install the latest R4i-3DS V1.67b kernel to the SD card. Secondly use a DS or DSi console to upgrade the r4i sdhc card.

  1. Download and install the latest r4i-3ds v1.67b kernel to the SD card.
  2. Download some DS game and put them to the SD card.
  3. Connect the DS console to AC power for Charging.
  4. Put the R4i SDHC 3DS card with SD card into the DS console.
  5. Turn on the power of DS, and enter the r4 mainmenu.
  6. Choose the third selection and press “A” button to enter.
  7. Click “upgrade” key to start upgrade process.
  8. Wait untill upgrade process finish.then the R4i SDHC 3DS card can work on latest 3DS V5.0.0 E/U/J system now.
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How to choose cost-effective and suitable for your flashcard?

Hello everyone, Flashcard is well knew by most players of Nintendo 3DS,DSi,DS,DS Lite ,as it not only allow players to enjoy games for free to save a lot money but also can be used for backups.. But how can we choose the best flashcard? Here is my analysis for your reference:
There are kinds of flashcards in the market now, and their technology and kernels have big gap.The main flashcards are : DSTWO(,M3 card(,Acekard(,R4i SDHC (,R4i Gold 3DS(,R4i Gold Plus(,R4itt (R4itt,net),R4iSDHC(,R4i-Gold(,DSTT and the original R4 DS. Others almost are fakes or copies.

DSTWO also called Supercard. The official website is The technology team of this site is one of the most professional for flashcard. It keep updating for the kernel upgrade, firmware support, and service with powerful function. It support lots of the current games with their own kernels, but the price is a bit high.

M3 (From
There are 3 kinds M3 cards from till now: M3 DS Real support DS and DS Lite; M3i Zero and M3 Zero (GMP-2003) support 3DS, DSi,DS,DS Lite.Compare with DSTWO,M3 cards also with powerful functions and support lots current games, the price is much cheaper than DSTWO but it still a bit higher than other R4 flashcards.But DSTWO technology is a bit better than M3 cards.

Acekard (From
Acekard includes three kinds, too. First is Acekard for DS, second is Acekard 2 for DS Lite, and the latest version is Acekard 2i for 3DS and DSi. The technology and price both are mezzo with lots of games supporting (Sure the technology for Acekard team is much better than all R4 cards). The only disadvantage is sometime the upgrade patch update a bit slow; we need to wait some days for the update patch when Nintendo release the new firmware.

R4i SDHC (From
There are three R4i SDHC cards from R4 SDHC for DS and DS Lite, R4i SDHC V1.4X for DSi, R4i SDHC 3DS for 3DS. R4i SDHC V1.4X will be updated when the firmware was released, the different version actually have same basic hardware but with different names updated. The price of these cards is much cheaper and the kernel and patch also will be updated soon to support the latest firmware once the new firmware released

R4i Gold 3DS (from
R4i Gold 3DS is the upgrade version of R4i Gold, the website was updated to and it support all the Nintendo consoles. This team has strong technology ability and it just develop one powerful flashcard-R4i Gold 3DS and keep updating the kernels, patch…to support the latest firmware at the first time. Most games are supported with R4 wood kernel

R4i Gold Plus (From
The previous version of R4i Gold plus is R4i Gold V2.0.As 3DS games and console developing, team release R4i Gold plus to instead R4i Gold V2.0, there are two different package version of R4i Gold Plus: Deluxe version with card writer & Simple package. Deluxe version is with USB card writer which can be used to upgrade R4i Gold Plus card without any console. The price and technology of updating both are mezzo.

R4itt (From
There are too many difference versions for R4itt, the first two version are R4itt V1.6 and R4itt 3DS, it keep releasing new cards with the firmware updating. You need to buy their new version card when Nintendo release the new firmware. The price of R4itt is cheaper but the kernel and patch update too slow.

R4isdhc (From
R4isdhc also called R4i Happy box which including four cards with different colors- White, Red, Black and sliver. Same as R4itt, a new card will be released by the official website to instead old card once Nintendo release their new firmware (there are different version for year 2012 and 2013,too), the price of these cards are cheaper but sometime, users are hard to get the patch to update the previous cards once new version was released (The team release the patch too slow or there is no patch the update the original card at all).

R4i-Gold (From
R4i-Gold comes from the same technology team with R4isdhc.Same as R4isdhc,Once Nintendo release their new firmware, this official website will develop out a new card to instead the previous one which will make the previous users hard to get their original card to update. The price sure is much cheaper.

DSTT (From
There are two kinds DSTT card-DSTT for DS,DS Lite & DSTTi for 3DS and DSi. Users need to wait for longer time for the update patch to support new firmware as their website is a bit slow to update this information. Price for DSTT is cheaper but DSTTi’s price is in a middle lever.

R4 DS (From
R4 DS is the first flashcard in the market which was the most popular one in the past time. But the technology team was disband as the legal disputes with Nintendo. Now R4 DS use Wood R4 kernel. R4 DS support DS and DS Lite consoles, it’s the perfect choice for DS and DS Lite users with cheapest price and Stable performance.

Above are some tips for different flashcards, below is a summary for your reference:
For DS and DS Lite users:
R4 DS is the best one as the cheapest price and Stable performance. It have no any effect of firmware upgrade.

For DSi,DSi XL,DSi LL users:
then DSTWO,M3 Zero, Acekard 2i,R4i SDHC,R4i Gold 3DS,R4i Gold Plus should be better choice as they can be upgraded even though a new firmware released from Nintendo.(Other cards may need to buy a new version as the previous version will stop upgrade sometimes)

For 3DS,3DS XL,3DS LL users:
DSTWO,M3i Zero,Acekard 2i,R4i Gold 3DS,R4i SDHC 3DS,R4i Gold Plus are recommend, the same reason as above.

All the flashcards in the market can be in 4 different levels in Summary:
First level: DSTWO, M3 Cards, Acekard card.
These cards with powerful factions and their technology teams focus on the software updating, there is no need to buy their new version only when it was broken, because users can keep these cards upgrading even the firmware was upgraded by Nintendo, but their price is a bit higher than others.

Second level: R4i Gold 3DS, R4i Gold Plus, R4i SDHC
Same reason as above, users no need to buy new version new Nintendo firmware was released, the official team will keep their software updating, users just need to download the upgrade patch or latest kernel to make their cards supported new firmware. The prices of these cards are much cheaper than above cards. These cards are high recommend.
Now, Let’s focus on R4i SDHC which has several versions: It includes different versions which marked” R4i SDHC V1.4X”, The “X” means different firmware, such as V1.43 or V1.45…The team will release new version R4i SDHC V1.4X card once Nintendo released the new firmware. BUT the previous version can be still upgraded to support the latest firmware, users just need to download the patch or latest kernel from the official website to finish the update

Third level: R4itt, R4isdhc, R4i-Gold
There are too many different versions for these cards, because once a new firmware was released by Nintendo, these cards may develop new version, and then the previous version may stop updating sometimes. There are also different versions for different years. Both of their hardware and software are not as much Professional as two levels.. Users may need to buy their new version cards once firmware was upgraded. So these cards are not recommended.

Fourth level: cards from,
Cards from such website are almost fakes, the software update too slow, there is even no any update for some old version, it’s better to avoid buying these cards.

If you have any question, please kindly leave a message or contact us by mail directly, we will respond as soon as possible, Thank you!

Nintendo latest 3DS V5.1.0-11 firmware Update?

Nintendo upgraded 3DS (3DSXL) system to V5.1.0-11 E/U/J on April 6th. The new 3DS V5.1.0 update didn’t block flashcard.

  • It was said by nintendo that the update is mean’t to fix errors with system updating that had been occurring in V5.0.0-11.
  • Nintendo can now push new apps without your allowance with spotpass, as seen with auto-added JAP region apps for eBooks and another misc app. (Although it’s probable that they legally cannot push new updates on you(forcefully anyway) Just simply block online applications such as the eShop
  • Minor update
  • eShop additions
  • Blocks access to eShop without an update
  • All regions

Which R4 card can work on Nintendo latest 3DS V5.1.0-11?

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Which R4 card can work on Nintendo latest 3DS V5.1.0-11?

All flashcards which work on 3DS V5.0.0-11, can also work on latest 3DS (XL) V5.1.0-11 E/U/J system directly, no need any upgrade. It support:

R4i Gold 3DS card from

R4i Gold RTS card from

R4i SDHC 3DS card from

R4i SDHC 3DS RTS card from

Supercard DStwo from

R4i Dual Core card (2013 version)  from

R4isdhc RTS (2013 version) from

M3i Zero from

R4i Gold Plus card from

R4iTT RTS card from

R4i-Gold Pro card from

R4isdhc RTS card V2.05 kernel update released! released new R4isdhc V2.05 kernel on April 10th. It is the latest software for R4i RTS (r4isdhc silver) card. New V2.05 kernel fixed 31 DS games. By install it, the R4isdhc RTS card perfectly work on Nintendo 3DS/3DSXL/3DSLL V5.1.0-11 E/U/J and DSi V1.4.5 system.
R4isdhc V2.05 update content
New R4i sdhc-silver Card Exclusive debut globally:support 4 times real time save,100% compatiblity for old games

  1. 6169 – Zhu Zhu Babies (E)
  2. 6168 – The Croods Prehistoric Party (U)
  3. 6167 – Fifi and the Flowertots Fifis Garden Party (E)
  4. 6166 – Hidden Mysteries Salem Secrets (E)
  5. 6165 – Hidden Mysteries Vampire Secrets (E)
  6. 6164 – Mystery Stories Curse of the Ancient Spirits (E)
  7. 6163 – Midnight Mysteries The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy v1.1 (E)
  8. 6162 – Hotel Transylvania v1.1 (E)
  9. 6161 – Dora and Friends Pet Shelter (E)
  10. 6160 – Challenge Me Kids Brain Games (E)
  11. 6159 – FIFA 11 (U)
  12. 6158 – Phil Taylor Power Play Darts v1.1 (E)
  13. 6157 – Winx Club Magical Fairy Party (U)
  14. 6156 – Jewel Quest Solitaire Trio (E)
  15. 6155 – Transformers Darkof the Moon Decepticons (E)
  16. 6154 – Transformers Prime (U)
  17. 6153 – Transformers Dark of the Moon Autobots (E)
  18. 6152 – 4 Elements (E)
  19. 6151 – Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme Park (U)
  20. 6150 – Pokemon Black Version 2 (U)
  21. 6149 – Pokemon White Version 2 (U)
  22. 6148 – Bratz Fashion Boutique (U)
  23. 6147 Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt 2 (USA) (En,Fr,Es,It)
  24. 6146 ThunderCats (USA) (Ang,Fr,All,Ita,Esp)
  25. 6145 Lalaloopsy Carnival of Friends (USA) (Anglais)
  26. 6144 Nickelodeon Team Umizoomi and Doras Fantastic Flight (USA) (Anglais)
  27. 6143 2in1 Mahjong (Europe) (En,Fr,Ge,It,Es)
  28. 6141 Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst (Europe) (En,Fr,Ge,It,Es,Nl)
  29. 6140 Dora and Friends Fantastic Flight (Europe) (Anglais)
  30. 6139 LEGO The Lord of the Rings (Europe) (Ang,Fr,All,Ita/Esp,Néer,Sue)
  31. 6138 Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies (USA) (Anglais) 2:for new games with no need kernel update
    New R4isdhc-silver may need do update patchs for handful gams. Players do not need waste long time to wait kernel for new games.
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Supercard DSTWO card Upgrade kernel to 3DS V5.1.0-11,DSI V1.4.5 patch and upgrade method

Important: Please make sure the power is enough! And don’t do anything unnecessary!
How to upgrade DSTWO firmware?

  1. Download the firmware..
  2. Unzip and copy the upgrade file such as “dstwoupdate.dat” to MicroSD.
  3. Make sure you have DSTWO EOS system in your MicroSD, if you don’t have, please download: Supercard DSTWO kernel
  4. Find a DS console (NDS\DS\DSLite\DSi\3DS) which can run this EOS system, if you have the latest version console can not run EOS system, sorry, you have to find one.
  5. Turn on the power, EOS will detect the upgrade file, press A to upgrade.

Now, the DSTWO support the latest version console. Off cause if the firmware declared support the latest version console.
Latest Version:V1.19
Support:3DS V5.1.0-11,DSi V1.4.5
Updated Date:[2013-04-07]
3DS V5.1.0-11 adn DSI V1.4.5 Update patch Download

Supercard DSTWO card


Supercard DSTWO card

R4isdhc Dual-Core card( V1.52 kernel released!

R4isdhc team released new R4isdhc Dual-Core white V1.52 kernel on April 19th for the R4i Dual Core card. New R4i Dual Core V1.52 kernel fixed 23 new games. by loading the latest software the R4i Dual Core card perfectly work on latest Nintendo 3DS V5.1.0-11 E/U/J system.
R4isdhc Dual-Core V1.52 kernel fix New game list
6170 – The Croods Prehistoric Party (E)
6169 – Zhu Zhu Babies (E)
6168 – The Croods Prehistoric Party (U)
6167 – Fifi and the Flowertots Fifis Garden Party (E)
6166 – Hidden Mysteries Salem Secrets (E)
6165 – Hidden Mysteries Vampire Secrets (E)
6164 – Mystery Stories Curse of the Ancient Spirits (E)
6163 – Midnight Mysteries The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy v1.1 (E)
6162 – Hotel Transylvania v1.1 (E)
6161 – Dora and Friends Pet Shelter (E)
6160 – Challenge Me Kids Brain Games (E)
6159 – FIFA 11 (U)
6158 – Phil Taylor Power Play Darts v1.1 (E)
6157 – Winx Club Magical Fairy Party (U)
6156 – Jewel Quest Solitaire Trio (E)
6155 – Transformers Darkof the Moon Decepticons (E)
6154 – Transformers Prime (U)
6153 – Transformers Dark of the Moon Autobots (E)
6152 – 4 Elements (E)
6151 – Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme Park (U)
6150 – Pokemon Black Version 2 (U)
6149 – Pokemon White Version 2 (U)
6148 – Bratz Fashion Boutique (U)

R4i-Gold Pro card ( V1.52 kernel released!

R4i-Gold Pro released new Wood R4i V1.52 kernel on April 19th. It is the latest kernel for R4i Gold Pro card. New R4i Gold Pro kernel fixed some new games as below:
new game list:
Pokemon White Version (All Regions)
Pokemon Black Version (All Regions)
6170 – The Croods Prehistoric Party (E)
6169 – Zhu Zhu Babies (E)
6168 – The Croods Prehistoric Party (U)
6167 – Fifi and the Flowertots Fifis Garden Party (E)
6166 – Hidden Mysteries Salem Secrets (E)
6165 – Hidden Mysteries Vampire Secrets (E)
6164 – Mystery Stories Curse of the Ancient Spirits (E)
6163 – Midnight Mysteries The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy v1.1 (E)
6162 – Hotel Transylvania v1.1 (E)
6161 – Dora and Friends Pet Shelter (E)
R4i-Gold Pro V1.52 kernel download

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